The school follows the syllabi prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. For Classes IX-XII, the Board's course of study and the criteria for assessment are followed.  A high standard of English and proficiency in Hindi are expected of all students at every level. English is compulsory in every class. The students of Class IX-X study English, Hindi/Urdu, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science. Foundation to Information Technology is offered as the sixth subject. Students may choose between Sanskrit and Urdu as the third language in Classes IV-VIII. Computers are introduced in Class II.

      In Classes XI-XII the compulsory subjects are English, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy in the Commerce Stream and English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology in the Science Stream. Additionally, students opt for any one of Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Hindi, Mathematics or Economics as the fourth subject. Physical education is the compulsory sixth subject for Classes XI and XII.

         St. Xavier's holds that regular attendance, alertness in class, and performance of home tasks are sufficient to ensure a student's academic progress. Private tuitions are regarded as unnecessary, if not downright harmful, and are discouraged. Private tuitions by externs tend to confuse students or mislead them, and encourage them to be inattentive and even disruptive in class. However, remedial classes, tutorials or coaching on the campus which may be beneficial to both gifted students and slow learners are promoted by the school.