Preparatory Class

Admission to the Preparatory Class

For admission to the Preparatory Class usually there are several candidates applying for every available seat. To minimize the chances of elimination of their children from the admission process parents should adhere to the time schedule and provide true, accurate and complete information in the application form and attached documents.

The candidate should be between 4½ and 5½ years of age on April 1st of the year of admission. Evidently, then, a particular candidate can apply only once for admission to Prep. The candidates must have the elementary literacy and quantitative skills appropriate for a child of about five years. They should give evidence for the potential to persevere in the school and profit from it. Candidates who have completed the level of teaching equivalent to that offered in the Prep class will not be eligible.

Parents must declare the child's correct date of birth in the admission form and attach a date of birth certificate issued by the competent government agency. Affidavits will not be accepted in lieu of birth certificates. For candidates whose birth was not registered within the time mandated by the state, the parents should provide credible corroboration for the date of birth certificate. Catholics are required to present the baptism certificate of the candidate.  The date of birth entered in the admission register will not be changed subsequently. 

          At the time of submission of the completed form, the applicant receives a card with a serial number. A passport size photo of the candidate with the date stamp (taken within the last thirty days) should be affixed on it.  The number on this card is to be used for all references until the completion of the admission process. The card should be produced on the first day of class if the candidate secures admission.

          After careful scrutiny of the application forms and documents, the list of candidates whose forms are found in order will be displayed on the school notice board with a time table for the candidates to come to the school with both parents. This meeting is arranged for the identification of the candidate, verification of the information provided in the form and the examination of the submitted documents. Parents should take care to bring their identity and address proof as well as the original copies of the documents submitted with the application form.  There are no admission or aptitude tests. However, the candidates will be observed for alertness, school-readiness and age-appropriate literacy and quantitative skills in a suitable interactive session.

      Based on the scrutiny of the completed application forms and the supporting documents and the observations from the interactive session with the candidates and parents, merit points may be assigned to each candidate. Points may also be added for those categories of candidates who are given preference in the matter of admission (such as Christians, SC/ST, children of Alumni who are active in HOXA, children with siblings in the school, candidates from the neighbourhood, etc.). Candidates from the top of this merit list are invited to take admission.

          If for any reason some shortlisted candidates are not found eligible for admission, or they fail to keep to the schedule of admission formalities the merit list will be treated as the waiting list as well. Normally no new cases are considered for admission to the Prep Class during the year. Generally admissions are not taken even from the waiting list after the end of June.