Our Mission


           The aim of St Xavier's is to produce men and women for and with others, people who have maturely developed their God-given talents, people endowed with a broad and positive vision friendly to our world and cooperative with its Creator; in other words, people willing to share the wealth of their education with others so as to produce a better world for all. The finished product of St. Xavier’s must be students of competence, compassion and conscience, men and women who are anxious to re-invest in this world all that their formation has given them.

Pursuit of Excellence

Value-Oriented Education

Individual Care and Concern

Formation of Persons for Others: Persons of

Competence, Conscience, Compassion, Commitment

            The mission of the school is to give its students, a solid well-rounded formation for life. The school strives to groom truly integrated persons of deep faith in God, who will be capable of shouldering responsibilities towards their families, neighbours, country, fellow human beings and the environment. It is envisioned that the students who complete their education at St. Xavier's will be persons of competence, conscience, and compassion, who will be committed to the formation of a just society.

       The school's goals include the development of the spiritual potential in each individual. This imposes an obligation on the teachers to provide an educational service that depends as much on the quality of their dedication as on their academic competence and qualifications. It is assumed that this can be achieved only through belief in and reliance on divine help. It further imposes on parents and students, who desire this type of education, an obligation to develop a social conscience. They too should be ready to share the school's commitment to the whole community irrespective of religion, caste, creed and social status, and the school's belief that education is linked to spiritual growth.