House System

          For promoting co-operation and team spirit in sports and other activities, the school is divided into four houses. Each house has a captain and a vice-captain. Members of the staff are assigned to the houses. The houses are named after four Jesuit saints whom the school presents as role models to students. In their lives these saints exemplified competence, conscience, compassion and commitment included in the vision statement of the school.









The Xavier House is named after St. Francis Xavier, who came to India in 1542 as a missionary and whose family coat of arms is depicted partially in the school crest.


Loyola House is named after St. Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th century Spanish nobleman who founded the Society of Jesus and was responsible for sending Xavier to India.


Gonzaga House is named after St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a 16th century Italian prince who renounced his royal position to become a Jesuit and died while serving the sick during an outbreak of plague in Rome.












Britto House is named after St. John de Britto, a 17th century Portuguese Jesuit missionary who spent his life as a sadhu in south India. He is known as Arulanda Swami in Tamil Nadu.

Individual and House Incentive System (IHIS)  

for Academic & Co curricular Excellence

       The House System is being strengthened this year to foster discipline and team spirit, encourage healthy competition in studies, sports and games, and other co-curricular activities and to reward excellence.

       Points for Games and discipline during the Annual Sports season are added together and accounted for. Points for all games of the year are added to these. 

       Points for academic proficiency, co-curricular activities other than sports and games, and discipline round the year (Jan – Dec) are added together and records are maintained.   Negative points are assigned for violation of the dress code or code of discipline mentioned in the diary for Std. VI-XII.

      House assemblies/ meetings are held on the first and third Friday each month. When necessary these days may be changed. On the first and third Wednesdays of each month (or another convenient day close to that) house points are recalculated and displayed on the notice boards in the Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. The displays show the overall score and the contribution from each section to the houses.

        On the concluding day of the Annual Sports Trophies will be given to the Houses with maximum points in the Sporting events and in the Academic and Co-curricular domain. Any student who earns 30 or more points in the academic and co-curricular domain will be given a special merit certificate. In the sporting events individual championships are given for each division.