Fr. Pradeep Shail, S.J.

Fr. Pradeep Shail (1957 - )

Jun 1998 – Mar 2008

      Fr. Pradeep Shail joined St Xavier’s, Hazaribag, as a teacher in May 1993. And so began his fifteen year association with the school. By the time he was appointed as Principal in 1998 he was a well known figure on the campus and had a good insider’s acquaintance with the school.

          Fr. Pradeep is one of a few Bihari Jesuits. His father was in the State Forestry service. Pradeep was born in Chaibasa and moved from school to school as his father was transferred about the State. His education included a short time in Carmel Schools in Hazaribag and Madhupur, St. Xavier’s Patna and other schools. He finished his secondary schooling in St John’s High School, Ranchi, and later I. Sc. and B.A. Hons. in English in St Xavier’s College, Ranchi, and finally M.A. English from Ranchi University.

          With this educational background coupled with a friendly, outgoing nature, as school Principal Fr. Pradeep mixed freely in Hazaribag society bringing the school to a wide circle of citizens. Under his patronage HOXA flourished. In the millennium year of 2000 he was sent for eight months to Australia and was enriched by his experience of Australian Jesuit life and was able to see some Jesuit schools in Australia, the prototypes of the early St Xavier’s.

       To accommodate the growing number of students and the special needs of the Standards 11 and 12, Fr. Pradeep embarked on an ambitious building program. The old boarders’ dining room was demolished and a fine new building arose in its place. The junior school was also expanded into a new building. Poupette Villa ("Saupin's" to old boys) was demolished to make way for an enlarged playing area. And to accommodate visitors and other facilities a new building was erected at the entrance to the campus. At present Fr. Pradeep is the Principal of St. Xavier’s, Bokaro Steel City.