Fr. P.J. James, S.J.

Fr. P.J. James (1959 - )

(Principal March 2008 -  December 2016    )

          At the beginning of the school year 2008-09 Fr. James John Padinjarekkara became Principal. He had his education up to Pre-Degree in his native Kerala. He came to Hazaribag to join the Jesuits in 1976. Later he graduated in Physics from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad in 1982 and followed this up with M.Sc. in Physics from Loyola College, Chennai in 1988. In between he did his philosophical studies in Pune and worked in St. Robert’s High School for two years. After his ordination to priesthood in 1991 he worked for about five years in villages around Hazaribag to provide primary education to some of the poorest children of the area.

          He joined the staff of St. Xavier’s, Hazaribag, in 1997 to be in charge of the Fr. John Moore Computer Centre, Physics teacher and later Treasurer. For nearly a year he was Acting-Principal of the school while Fr. Pradeep Shail was away. He left the school in 2002. He completed doctoral research on the topic ‘Elementary Mathematics Teaching in India’s Jharkhand: Mathematical Knowledge and Social Status’ and was awarded a doctorate in Educational Policy and Leadership by Marquette University, Wisconsin, U.S.A. in December 2007.

          Some of the many positive changes brought about under his leadership include the launching of the school website and the revival of the school magazine with a new name "The Xaverian Xpressions." The major infrastructural changes include the opening of the new library with an enviable collection of books, periodicals and computers with internet access, setting up of the new computer and language labs, construction and furnishing of the staff rooms and setting up of a gymnasium with help from HOXA.

          Amenities have been improved with the provision of better toilet facilities for staff and students, filtered and cooled drinking water, paving of the main driveway and streamlining of traffic through the campus.

          Parent-teacher meetings have been restructured to improve dialogue between the parents, teachers, and the school administration and to receive regular feedback from parents.  An additional section has been added to each class. 

          A  diagnostic test, assessment of scholastic skills through educational testing (ASSET) by Educational Initiatives has been introduced for students of Classes 3-9. The regular and systematic follow up on the finding of the tests includes ongoing professional development of teachers. The objective of this initiative is to lead the students to learn with understanding and thus to improve the quality of the teaching-learning process in the school.