St. Xavier's values the basic common discipline necessary for the smooth running of any educational institution. Punctuality, neatness and uniformity of dress are insisted upon while courtesy, consideration for others, and a cooperative spirit are encouraged. It is intended that self-discipline and sense of responsibility should, by stages, become part of every student's personal character for life.

  • Neither in school time nor outside of it are students allowed to ride any form of motorized vehicles into the school premises.
  • Students are expected to be present for the school assembly.
  • Habitual late coming is unacceptable. The school gates close after the first bell, before the start of the school assembly. Late comers are not normally allowed to enter the campus.
  • Students may enter or leave the campus only through authorised entry gates. Students may not go outside the campus during school hours except with the written permission of an authorised school official.
  • Students are not normally permitted to bring portable electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, data storage and transfer devices such as pen drives, music players, cameras, and so forth. Such items in the possession of students will be confiscated and fines will be imposed. They are returned to the students along with their school leaving/ transfer certificates.
  • Expensive articles, like jewellery, should not be brought to school. Junior School children are not permitted to keep any cash with them.
  • Students are expected to act responsibly towards their own belongings as well as school and public property.
  • Students should keep their bicycles locked during class hours.
  • Students who write on or disfigure the school furniture, walls and other places on the school campus may face punishment.
  • Fines are levied for breakages due to culpable negligence. A student who loses or damages library books must make up the cost.
  • Fines will be imposed on senior students (Std IX-XII) who deliberately absent themselves prior to tests and examinations without credible and sufficient reasons.
  • Students causing serious or repeated damage to school property will be dealt with sternly.
  • Misuse of the school's internet facility for anything other than academic work will invite sanctions including heavy fines.
  • Failure to comply with school regulations can render a student liable to dismissal.

Dress Code:

  •  All are expected to dress modestly in the prescribed school uniform.
  • On the days with House assembly or class games students are expected to wear their House uniform. For House Day celebration the students of the concerned House should wear thier  House uniform.
  • Students should wear the school uniform whenever they come to the campus on working days even though they may not have classes.
  • Boys and girls should avoid wearing trousers that are too narrow, too tight or having low waist. Girls’ skirts should cover their knees.
  • Short socks reaching only ankle level are not to be worn. Inner wear should be shorter than outer.
  • In extreme cold weather girls of Std. IV-X may wear their games trousers instead of skirts.
  • Students are not allowed to wear earrings, other ornaments or body decoration.
  • Spectacles with fancy frames are not permitted.
  • Boys are not permitted to get fancy hair cuts or keep long hair. They are not allowed to grow facial hair.


Dismissal and Suspension: 

            Any student whose conduct is against the good moral tone of the school, or whose work and progress in studies are unsatisfactory, is liable to suspension or even dismissal from the School. The Principal is the final authority in this matter and parents applying for their child's admission are understood to be willing to accept his judgment.