Clubs and Activities



Several clubs for student involvement on and off the campus are set up in the school. These clubs give students avenues for self-expression, creativity and leadership. Computer (Cyber), Eco, Literary, Music, Dance, Geography, Health & Wellness, Mathematics, Science and Quiz clubs function in the school at present. Every student of Class VI-X is expected to take part in one of the clubs and one of the other Activities. The activities available for students this academic year are Sports & Games, Yoga, First Aid, Scouting, LTS, Tarumitra, Gardening, and Voluntary Manual Work. Students are given various options to fulfill the requirements in doing Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) which is an essential ingredient of the curriculum. this regard. Participation and achievement in the Clubs and Other Activities are taken into account in the comprehensive assessment of the students' performance in the school. Time is allotted for the clubs and other activities mostly on Saturdays.


Leadership Training for Service (LTS) is an association of students guided by a teacher animator. Its motto is “For God and Country”. Its spiritual foundations are prayer, action and perseverance: Members strive toward service to God through the cause of justice, truth and charity among themselves and fellow humans. Through their endeavours, they try to lead others to dedicate themselves to the service of God and country. Normally members of the group meet on Saturdays after school. They take up various service activities, such as literacy programmes and visits to hospitals, old age home and facilities for less privileged children outside school hours. They provide support to the monthly clinic conducted by the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi within the school premises.



Tarumitra, meaning "Friends of Trees," is a movement started by students in Patna in 1988 to protect and promote a healthy environment. Tarumitra aims to: spread ecological sensitivity; to equip its members with skills in handling local environmental problems; to organise campaigns for the preservation of bio-diversity; and to promote a spirituality and a worldview that is earth friendly.


Boys and girls are prepared for the Governor's and President's Awards and Prime Minister's Shield by the Bharat Scouts & Guides. They take an active part in the programmes organized at the district, state, and national levels through the year. Students above class IV take part in these activities.