Classes I - IX

Admission to Classes I - IX

Applications for admission to these classes will be entertained only if vacancies are available. Admissions against vacancies are normally granted during the first half of April. After the first half of the first semester admissions are not usually taken. In some cases the candidate may be required to take a test appropriate for both his/ her age and the class to which admission is sought. Preference will be given to children of parents transferred to Hazaribag on their job recently over applicants from local schools provided all other conditions are fulfilled. New students who are admitted to the school in the course of the year are expected to pay the fees for the Term in which he/she is admitted. The terms are counted April-September and October-March.

The School is not in a position to reserve seats for candidates who come during the course of the year due to the transfer of their parents on their jobs. They can be considered if vacancies are available. For admissions against vacancies, transfer cases are given due preference.

Applications for admission of candidates from other local schools, especially Catholic Schools of Hazaribag, are considered only if they are accompanied by a recommendation (no objection) letter from the head of the school.