Class XI

Subject Combinations Offered

Science Stream A           

Compulsory Subjects:    English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education

Elective (any one):        Computer Science, Economics and Hindi

Science Stream B

Compulsory Subjects:    Biology, English, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education

Elective (any one):       Informatics Practices, Economics, Hindi and Mathematics      

Commerce Stream:        

Compulsory Subjects:    English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Physical Education

Elective (any one):          Mathematics, Informatics Practices and Hindi

          Students who complete Std. X at St. Xavier’s living up to the standards of discipline are assured admission at the Senior Secondary level. However, the courses of study assigned to them will be consistent with their previous academic performance.  They have to take an aptitude test to help standardise the admission process.  The seats available after their admission will be given to outside candidates.

          Students from other schools who wish to study at St. Xavier’s should furnish certificates of good conduct from the school last attended. The criteria for eligibility to apply for admission will include a minimum percentage (grade) in the Board examinations. This cut off level, which may be set lower for girls, may vary each year.  All candidates are expected to take aptitude tests in relevant subjects. They ought to give evidence of their ability to follow classes in English. This may be ascertained through interviews and oral tests. 

Tests are conducted for all the applicants following subjects:

Science Stream: English, Science, and Mathematics

Commerce Stream: English, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

        The content for the tests will be from CBSE Class X syllabus. There is an additional test of computer skills for all the students who wish to study Informatics Practices or Computer Science.

      The allocation of streams and optional subjects will be done on the basis  of the candidates’ performance in the tests. While the Board marks (grades) provide the minimum qualifying academic criterion, admission will be granted on the basis of the candidate's performance in the tests and satisfactory record of conduct and attitude. The cut off marks for admission of outside students are set on the basis of the performance of the candidates of St. Xavier’s.