Campus Traffic

For Dropping Students

          All vehicles enter through the gate to the right of the main entrance of the school and exit at the gate on the PTC side.  Traffic is one-way and moves towards the east. Driving along the driving lane please come up to a convenient spot on the stopping lane. For dropping students drivers should pull over to the walkway.  Junior School students are dropped closer to the PTC side and others nearer to the front gate. Those parents/guardians who want to accompany their children to the school building, should first park their vehicles in the parking area, take the children by their hand, get on to the walkway at the nearest spot and walk with them to the convenient end.

Picking up Students

         Vehicle entry and exit are as stated before. Vehicles that come early wait in the parking area or line up close to each other along the walkway on the stopping lane. Drivers should not leave their vehicles after stopping along the walkway. Either the students may stay on the walkway to be picked up or parents/guardians may take them from the school building and bring them to the parking area. Adults may just cross the road, but walk along the walkway. Children should never cross the road themselves and go to waiting vehicles in the parking area. 

          Students are not to be dropped or picked up along the main road or at the gates outside the campus. Avoid parking vehicles at the gates any time. During class hours, parents can drive in, park their vehicles at the designated parking area and go to the School if required.

          The above regulations have been made for the safety and smooth and orderly flow of traffic. These directions are to be followed exactly being mindful of the rights of other road-users. Road safety and polite behaviour on the road are also part of the education of children. Hence parents are requested be good examples themselves and to instruct their drivers to follow these directions completely. All are requested to obey the staff and scouts designated to regulate traffic flow.