Attendance Policy

         The school recommends a minimum of 85% annual attendance in all the classes. As an incentive the school awards prizes and certificates to students who secure 100% attendance during the year. More than 10% of the students win these prizes each year. Special recognition is given to the students who are never absent during their entire school life.

        Normally students are not given permission to leave the school early for holidays, nor are holidays extended. A student who is absent from school for 1-3 days gets the reason for the absence and the signature of the parent/ guardian entered on the appropriate page in the school diary. For longer absence from classes, i.e. more than three days, prior permission from the relevant Vice Principal is required. Long absence due to prolonged illness or other serious reasons are to be notified, in writing with authenticating documents, promptly to the Vice Principal.

        The names of the students who remain absent from classes for more than 15 working days without prior permission may be liable for removal from the roll. The student may be readmitted to the school if there is a vacancy in the class in which he/ she was studying. For readmission of a student who was absent from the school more than a month some charges are applicable.

        Students who remain absent on the days prior to tests or examinations or on class games days are liable to disciplinary action.  Special penalties, not excluding curtailment of marks, may be imposed on the students who are absent on any of the five working days before tests or exams.

         Students should be sent to school only if they are fit to attend classes and take part in the other activities in the school. They are not normally allowed to go home during the day. The school does not approve of parents' requests to take their children home after the tests of the day citing reasons of poor health.