Administrative Units

            Four Vice Principals help the Principal in the day-to-day running of the school. They have their own offices for administering to the needs of the students. They deal directly with teachers and parents concerning the students in their respective sections. The four sections under the Vice Principals are the Senior School (Classes XI and XII), High School (Classes VIII to X), Middle School (Classes IV to VII) and Junior School (Prep to III). The four distinct sections of the school function in separate blocks each named after a Jesuit saint. The names and colours assigned to them are the same as of the four Houses of the school.

1)            Loyola Block              –      Classes PREP-III (Primary Section)

2)            Gonzaga Block           –      Classes IV –VII (Middle Section)

3)            Xavier Block              –      Classes VIII-X (Senior Section)

4)            Britto Block               –      Classes XI-XII ( Plus Two Section)

          The administrative offices of the school are situated in the main building, known as ‘XAVIER BLOCK.’ The two sections of main office are the Accounts Section and the Principal’s Office. Between these two sections the receptionist welcomes visitors and facilitates the transactions they are concerned with.